Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little dogs, probably big teeth

I still don't know how I feel about the new shoes. Tonight only had a mile and a half on the docket, and I was almost killed. Just as I got up to the creepy blue house down the street, the door opened and out ran dogs growling and barking. Ok, so one couldn't have weighed even a pound and the other one was maybe five pounds, but they still have teeth!! They didn't bite me, or actually even try, but they did touch me. That is enough contact for me!! Steve said he'll pick me up a little thing of pepper spray tomorrow and if I see teeth on anything bigger than those two I'm spraying. Maybe I'm not enough of a dog lover, but I really hate it when dogs aren't restrained. That's what dog parks are for....and fences. Unless they are so old that their hips hardly support them...in that case, throw the leashes away and let them enjoy their last weeks, months, years. Just saying...

I do have something embarrassing to admit....I am possibly the only Michigander that has never been to Florida. I know....one of those things to keep to myself. But my friend emailed me today suggesting a girls 5day, 4night trip in May and I signed right up!! WooWoo!!! Florida here I come!

Today was April Fools Day (hence the date) and for the first time I really played a good one. As soon as I got to work I sent my poor boss an email saying that I was 10 weeks pregnant, that Steve wasn't the father, that I had told him last night, and that I need tomorrow off to move out while he goes to Kevin's house to work. Poor Shannon. She completely fell for it and was even figuring out how to get her husband to hurry up and finish the basement for me to live in it and mentally went through her pregnancy clothes for me. I should have come clean after I took the day off tomorrow!! There were high fives all around for that one :)

I got back from my run about an hour ago, and I can tell you that a couple ibprofen and a little vodka and OJ will solve any discomfort running will cause. Ok, the bag of frozen mixed veggies on my left shin didn't hurt anything either.

I was pretty proud of myself tonight. I didn't run the entire thing, but what I did run was at a pretty good speed. I have two shorter runs a week, and I decided tonight that one of those I'm going to work on picking up my sad shuffle. Considering the fact that when I slow down from my usual pace to a walk, my speed doesn't even really change, I was really trucking tonight. If what I ususally do is a shuffle, and a step up from there would be a respectable jog, I was actually almost running some of it and strongly jogging the rest. Maybe those teeny tiny dogs chasing me was a good thing :)


*jen* said...

What part of FL are you visiting? That should be a fun trip with your girls. I'm such a nerd. I didn't even THINK of trying an April Fool's joke. I totally forgot what day it was.

*jen* said...

You'll be in my neck of the woods! Clw Beach is one of my absolute favorite beaches! It's really beautiful. If you like wings you should check out Mugs N Jugs on Missouri Ave in Clearwater. Their boneless honey bbq wings are phenomenal! Have fun! :)

Suzy said...

Oh I TOTALLY agree with you on the restraining the dogs bit. I blogged about dogs in March sometime. Or February. Check it out.