Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 kids, 2 miles, and another crazy dog

Last night was kind of interesting. Since Steve was in Cleveland, and we have Emma (6) and Simon (8) on Tuesday nights, I put them on their bikes and did two miles with them. It went a lot like this:

Simon- I don't think this is my bike, it must be Nathans, its too big.
Amy- You need to check for the red tape! that means its Nathans! Can you ride it though? We don't really want to walk back to get yours.
Simon - nope, its too big
Amy - let me see here, maybe I can lower the seat.......Simon! its all the way down, everything is the same as on your bike!
Simon-'re right. ok, I'm good, lets go!!!

Amy- Emma, keep up with me (keep in mind I'm shuffling, not biking). Simon, slow down, Simon, stop. Simon, don't go down in the woods. Emma, come on....keep peddling! Emma, don't touch, you're allergic to dogs. I know he's cute and little, but you'll still get hives! Simon, wait right there.

and the best one.....

Simon-hey, Emma, do you know why you shouldn't eat dirt anymore?
Emma - (in shock, can't talk, arms out like "what the heck" and shaking her head)
Amy - why can't we eat dirt?
Simon - because its worm poop
Amy - no kidding????
Simon - yeah, I'm in second grade, we learn a lot of good stuff there.

And then on the way back, a giant black lab ran across the street, almost died, and then tried to play with the kids. I brought the dog back to the people, crossed the street, dog got loose, and ran across the street again. I again caught the dog and brought him back. Lady said "its nice to meet you, we're having trouble with our invisible fence". No kidding!!!

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julie said...

hahaha... adventures in running. sounds like you had a good time and took it in stride- way to go!