Saturday, April 5, 2008

Frozen Peas and Excedrin

At the moment I am sitting in front of Law and Order with a bag of frozen peas on my left shin, wondering how I just ran 3 miles when I can't even stand up right now. I can tell you that 2 Excedrin an hour before the run, makes the run uncomfortable rather than completely impossible. Thursday night I could only hobble (not even walk) my 1.5 and was pretty discouraged. I didn't exactly start to think that this may not have been my best idea ever, just wondering how many painful runs I'll be dealing with.

I'll tell you the one really great thing about the shin splints though. Whenever I want to just sit down and watch some TV instead of cleaning out the garage, I just get out my frozen peas. Steve then is all "let Amy watch what she wants kids, she's got the ice on her leg" and then I just sit back and relax. (j/k, Steve) :)

Seriously though even with the pain right now, I still feel like that was a good, fast, strong 3 miles. Even if I did have to leave our little party to get the run in.

Woo! 28 weeks to Marathon!!


*jen* said...

Although I am sorry you're in pain your comment on my latest entry cracked me up. :) I can totally feel you: I use frozen corn and Ibuprofen after some runs. When I had pain in both legs, all over, all I could think was "I don't have enough frozen veggies. What the hell am I going to do?!"

I'm still thinking about the Marine Corps Marathon: Oct 26th. I need to talk to my family that is in D.C. and make sure it's still kosher for me to do that. Also, it kinda stresses me out (planning wise) because I'm moving next month and need to be sure the first thing I tell my future employer (whoever that may be) is that I need a few days off in late Oct...hopefully that goes over well. What marathon are you doing?

Amy said...

When I started I only had broccoli. I've now upgraded to peas/corn. I have two family size bags just in case :)

My sister and I are doing the Grand Rapids one Oct 19. It's pretty flat and there isn't a time limit. Hopefully, I won't need the latter feature, but you never know. I imagine crawling will add to the time, so I may need the extra hours.

julie said...

Hey... not a stalker, just found your blog on RW and am lovin' it!

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