Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 races

Other than a few runs here and there, I really haven't done anything respectable in terms of running since the half in October. In December I started getting kind of antsy and wanted to get out there, but the 20 feet of snow that dumped on us deterred me a bit. You would think that since my path that I run on is plowed, and I bought myself some fancy schmancy YakTrax, that I would be good, but I still didn't get out there.

Some days
I had an honest to goodness decent reason. Like on Sunday I had to go out to salt the driveway so that the handsome Steve could make it back up after a trip to Meijer. I slid my way to the top of the hill, and then started sliding down. My brand new Columbia boots with their Omni grip had nothing on that ice. I finally had to hit my knees to stop myself from shooting out into the road at the bottom, and then crawled to the snow on the side. I guess I should have been better prepared when the handsome Steve called to say he did 2 360's on the way down. Regardless, that was just one day. What's the rest of the story that kept me out of my sneakers? (Isn't that a great word? That's what I'm calling my runners from now on).
Deep down, I guess I'm just a lazy girl. Actually, you can probably take that deep down part out.
So, I've planned out the year and I really don't have the option to be lazy anymore.
It was fun reading a gazillion books for awhile, but I've got the Novi Martian Half Marathon on April 9th and training starts on Monday. And the Bayshore Half on May 23 with my dad. He's a walker. He walks fast, faster than I run, I'm sure. And he is doing his first half in Phoenix in two weeks.
The Plan?
March 21st - the Irish Jig 5k (as a side note, that's my wedding dinner day!!! We're getting married quietly on St Patty's day - 3 years to the day that we met - and then the fancy schmancy good time on that Saturday)
April 9th - Martian Half Marathon
May 23rd - Bayshore Half Marathon
June 27th - Reeds Lake 5k
Aug 15th - Fallsburg 1/2 Marathon
Sept 19th - Bridge Run 10 mi
October 18th - Grand Rapids FULL Marathon
I really don't think it is too much at all. When I did the half in October, I kid you not, it was the most fun I think I have ever had in my life.
Side note - I just got an email that The Running Warehouse is selling their bestselling shoes for $59.95 - remember, they have free 2 day shipping.