Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love winter!

Last night I suited up with my mitten/gloves (so that I can get fresh air on the digits when they get hot), my warm headband that isn't warm enough anymore, my headlamp that makes me look super cool, and my other multiple layers that hopefully make me comfortable enough to not realize how completely crazy running outdoors in a Michigan winter is.

My running path gets plowed, which is nice. Of course, that doesn't solve everything. There was about an inch of snow on the path last night which wasn't too much of a problem. Who am I kidding, I thought I was going to break my leg. Or die. I would be trotting along at a decent for me clip and then it would get all slippery. Not fun. And then a half mile from my turn around spot I rolled my ankle. It really didn't hurt too bad, but I pretty much said "screw it" and turned around and walked home.

I'm going to get some Yaktrax tomorrow night. Gazelle Sports is having a 15% off everything in the store sale from 5-8pm, which I think is very nice of them.

Has anyone else tried them? or another little something that helps keep you upright?