Friday, April 18, 2008

Gazelle Sports is the best running store EVER!!!

It was a night of high society entertainment last night. That’s right, it was the annual 3rd grade musical. 10 songs about earth day. Nathan had a part in the skit. I think his line was something like “you can’t throw your pop can in the trash, you need to recycle it!” After which Simon cheered and announced to everyone that could hear that Nathan had the best part. It was a good time had by all. Afterwards the kids’ mom, all the kids, and Steve and I went for ice cream.

In other news, I'm just not digging my shoes I got 3 weeks ago. I feel like the front half of my foot flops around too much. Unfortunately, the receipt is MIA. I'm positive I left it in the center console of Steve's car, but when he cleaned it out to sell it last week, it wasn't there. So I figured I would just have to make do with the shoes. Lucky for me, I had a light bulb click in my head last night and emailed the store's customer care. WooWoo!!! They said just bring in the shoes, and they will find something that works better for me. To not worry about the receipt. Yea! I am officially stating that I will only by running shoes and what nots at Gazelle Sports for the rest of my life. And I am adding their link to my list of links. It makes me want to jump around in a circle clapping!


julie said...

it's awesome that your shop will do that for you! and good on you for doing something about it before it was too late. bad shoes make for bad days.
congrats on the musical. i miss kiddy stuff. soon... or not.

*jen* said...

Sweet. You gotta love that customer service! I hope you find a good pair. I'm still waiting to get properly fitted at a specialty store but have been really happy with some Saucony's I got for $29.97 at Sports Authority. Good stuff.