Monday, April 28, 2008

Late Twenties

Its official. As of yesterday I can not longer associate myself with the mid twenties. I am knocking on 30's door :) Luckily I don't have a major problem with age, I think the fact that Steve is hitting the big 4-0 next month helps. At least at our house I'll always be a youngster :)

(I'm pretty sure that with that comment, and his fear of bats getting in his hair that I mentioned in the last post, I'm probably going to pay for it!)

It was about as perfect as birthday weekends go. Steve's parents sent me a Barnes and Noble gift card completely unexpected, so I bought some good beach reading for my trip in 2 weeks. Saturday we tried to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner, but they didn't have any reservations aval, so it was Johnny Carinos. As far as chain restaurants go, they are the tops! Wine, bread with olive oil to dip in, pasta, and tiramisu??? Sounds perfect to me!

I also got my hair cut yesterday. I'm talking crazy short. Shorter than I have ever had it before. I can still tuck it behind my ears, but that's about it. My hair is curly/wavy, and almost always messy, so I decided to get a new do' that works with the mess. I think it worked :)

I had two good runs this weekend. 2 on Saturday, 3 yesterday. Saturday was sunny and cool and gorgeous. But crazy windy. I finally decided to walk the way back since I was going into the wind. Still a good workout though. To demonstrate how windy it was, a 10ish year old boy got him and his bike knocked right over. If he had been younger or seemed hurt, I would have helped, but since he hopped right back up.....I laughed. I'll admit it. I still feel kind of guilty though.

I really need to take some pictures of my main route that I run. It is so beautiful in some spots. There is an incredible horse farm that has a huge pasture with old school wooden fences all over the place with random bits of flower patches all over. And then of course the high light of my run everyday.....wait for it.....AMWAY!!! Their plant and main offices are just a hop skip and a jump from my house. But no free samples, too many guards. Luckily though, they have a drinking fountain beside their baseball diamond. Simple thrills :)


chris said...

I know how you feel about the wind. It totally sucks here, too. But it is good for training, I think. Great job on the workouts this weekend.

I love me some Johnny Carinos! We have one right by the house, and you are right, for a chain, it is tops. Normally I hate the chains.

Jillian said...

Send me a pic of the hair - I can't wait to see it! Congrats on the two good runs. I was hoping to get a good one in tonight but I just remembered I have to teach 20 4th grade cub scouts how a newspaper press works at 6:30 tonight. I'll probably hit up the gym for a quick bike ride but thats it. Did you get snow yet? This completely sucks - we have a few inches already and it isn't supposed to stop until tonight.

Glad you had a good birthday. : )

Amy said...

Snow??? WTF??? We have no snow. I think Steve mentioned something about a dusting at some point, but I didn't completly pay attention. Have fun with the cub scouts!

*jen* said...

Happy belated birthday! You should post a pic of your haircut.

Jenny said...

YOU are my inspiration! I'm going to buy some new (cute of course) running shoes tonight.

I bet you look fab running in your cute shoes with your cute new hair!


Amy said...

Is that my favorite "english" girl?!?! You're the very best!

Suzy said...

We have had crazy wind up here as well lately. It's horrific running into it, but fabulous with it pushing me from behind!

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