Friday, May 2, 2008

The not my guilty pleasure, the other hills

This week has been a crazy busy week. I work in the foreclosure business, but on the happier end of things, like when a first time home buyer gets a great deal on a house and can put their family in a better neighborhood than they would otherwise have been able to (nope, not a real estate office, or mortgages, we'll leave it at that). People are buying these foreclosures up like crazy all of a sudden. Plus with May 1st being the last day to file for homestead exemptions, this week was chaos. Moral of the story, I didn't run on Monday or Tuesday. And then Wednesday I had Nathan by myself while Steve went to do something with some friends. I would have put Nathan on his bike, but he wasn't feeling very good and I couldn't bring myself to make him go for a long bike ride to meet my goal. So I was all suited up when Steve got home at 10:30. Unfortunately, I had looked out the window and swear I saw someone out there. I know if I was running in the dark as saw something scary, I would never do it again, and that would really cramp my schedule. But don't worry, I didn't skip any runs, everything just got bumped a 2 days.

Of course Jill emailed me yesterday and asked if I just hadn't logged my runs on the website, or if I hadn't run. Deep down, she's a bully.

But apparently, everything worked out for the best. Maybe my poor shins needed that 3 day break. Two doors down from our house is the trail (its really a bike trail, but I don't bike, so I just call it the trail, its paved though....don't picture me being all tough jumping over tree limbs, I don't roll like that) and its at a corner, so I can go east and have a nice flat run, or I can go north up and down and up and down the rolling hills. Serious, these are crazy hills. One of the communities is even called "Mountainside".

I haven't don't the hills since my first week of this madness, so up and down I headed last night. You wouldn't believe how good I did. I wasn't even shuffling! I was picking my feet up, I had good speed, it was incredible. Maybe it was the fact that I knew I only had 2 miles on the docket, but I felt like a champ. Even going up hill. I planned my short walk breaks for the downhills because running uphill felt so good. I figured this might be the only time that running uphill was going to be a good time, so I worked it hard. I didn't even get excessively out of breath. Maybe I'm turning a corner?


julie said...

YAY! stronger! see, it works!

Jillian said...

I'm not a bully! : ) Ok, maybe I am. Way to go on the hills!!! : ) Woohoo!

chris said...

It sounds like you are getting stronger. Fantastic!