Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little sister is in town

Jill drove in last night.

I have a ferocious cold. I'm sure its practically pneumonia. They could probably study my lungs right now to learn how someone can function on so little oxygen. I've also been known to be slightly dramatic.

But since my sister was in town, my very own running partner that runs longer and faster than I do, and does it 7 hours away, I really wanted to run with her. I figured I could do an easy 3 miles in my sickened state, or I could take advantage of her being here and possibly do one 10 minute mile. I know everyone is laughing right now because I am soooo funny. But I still wanted to at least feel what that pace feels like.

So speeding off we went. Within a tenth of a mile I was questioning my sanity. And gasping for my life. And wondering if I told Jill where I hid the key in the car so she can go for medical assistance. And she's just chattering away. Lisa this. Race that. Look at that cute bird. And she ran 13.1 miles like that a week and a half ago. What the heck???

It didn't last long. I made us slow down and decided to exchange the favor and show her what a 14 minute mile feels like. Yeah, I said it. 14 minute miles.

My running is what it is, a work in progress. I'm working on distance without walking right now, not speed. I figure speed will come. And if you haven't noticed my title.....I'm chubby. This crazy new hobby of mine doesn't come naturally. If you can't pat yourself on the back in your own blog, then where can ya? 2 months ago I couldn't run a block without walking and now I can do miles. Go me. Don't worry, I'm aware that its only 2 miles. Lets see if tonight is the night for 3 miles. Besides, I read on someones blog (please claim this, I don't remember who I stole if from) that running won't kill you, you'll pass out first. So crazy cold and all, I'll be out there tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow if I hit the 3 mile mark :)

Side note: My friend Super T has been buckling down and sweating to the oldies and since the beginning? of March she has lost 29 pounds. Go Teresa!!! I'm so proud!


Jillian said...

Let me know how the 3 miles go!! YOU CAN do it! : ) I had a fun time running with you last night. You did great - so go ahead and pat yourself on your deserve it!

chris said...

I agree! Pat away. Just look how far you have come in such a sort amount of time. And I know how you feel--running does not come naturally to me either. it is something I have to continually work at. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be "fast" or will I always be relegated to the back of the crowd at the race. But, in the end, it doesn't matter. As long as you enjoy the run.

So you go at your 14 minute pace! Can't wait to hear if you made that 3 tonight!

*jen* said...

I hope you feel better! And yes, you definitely deserve a pat on the back. Go you! Good luck on the 3.

Add me to the "I'm not a natural runner" club. While I like doing it, I still experience the pain and wonder "why the heck am I doing this?!" And then the end comes and I think "Oh yeah, that's why. I feel pretty great now." Just have fun.

Tanushree said...
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Tanushree said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and following your running schedule. I like your sense of humor when it comes to describing the struggles and the euphoria that comes after a run. I have linked my blog to yours so that I am constantly in the loop. Thanks for being such an inspiration!