Thursday, May 29, 2008

3 miles didn't happen and the hospital is on fire...

Soooo….3 miles without walking…..didn’t happen. I think it had something to do with not being able to breathe, and maybe the strep that started showing up today on top of my cold/flu. I did 2-1/2 miles total. Walked the first quarter, ran a half, walked a half, ran a half, walked a half, ran the last quarter really fast while yelling “big finish” with my arms in the air. I think my sister and Steve both think I’m completely off my rocker because I like to end my runs in that fashion. (I don’t do it if there are strangers around, you’re not reading the ramblings of a complete nutso).

When I got back to the house after that stellar performance, Steve and Marty were flipping between the 3 Detroit sports teams playing at once. I sat down with the laptop to check out some blogs and we started talking. Big talker Steve casually announced that he has no doubt he could run for 30 minutes without walking. I will say that he made it very clear it wouldn’t be a fast run at all, but that he could complete it. I personally don’t think he can. So I’m challenging you, big guy. On Monday (I took Monday off a few weeks ago, I think I forgot to tell you) morning we’re going to hit it and you can go as slow and gentle on the knee as you like. We can even go to Riverside Park so you can run in the grass beside the trail. Winner buys sushi buffet for lunch.

Not running related at all, but in case you didn’t know my office is right in downtown GR. And a helicopter just crashed into the hospital in front of us. And the flames are huge, the smoke is incredible. Apparently the fire is spreading fast. I imagine its got to be pretty hard to get to the top of a giant building to get the fire put out.


Suzy said...

Poor you being so sick! I love the visual of you ending your runs like that, arms in the air. I gotta try that for SURE.

Amy said...

I seriously think it adds for extra speed at the end :)

julie said...

don't sweat running when you're sick. it is good for you, but you won't have the same speed/power you usually do. be happy to be out there, though!

Karen said...

You ran while you felt like THAT? Wow! first 30-minute run is in two weeks. Still fearful but you're inspiring me!

Get some sleep and get better before you try that 30 minutes again!

Oh, and I'm dying to know who won the bet!

Liz said...


Love your blog, I too am a chubby girl training for a marathon(actually switched to a half due to a torn ACL)!!

I am going to add you to my blog roll.....good luck with the training!!