Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Should I join a training group??

First off, my run tonight was 2 miles. I didn't run the entire thing. But I did work really hard on picking up my feet and transforming myself from a shuffler to a jogger. And I did sprint up my driveway when I was done. Seriously, that is a nasty driveway. Maybe I need to head out just a tiny bit earlier. I tend to do better when it is still somewhat light out. Maybe I just have more to look at and don't get bored? Regardless, I'm happy with what I did. Tomorrow is 3 miles. I'm going to try to do the first 2 miles without walking, and then walk to the driveway next to the horse farm, and then run to the path bridge that is roped off. I know, I know, none of this means anything to you, but it helps me to put my goals in writing.

Check out this training group. Its run by my running store (you know, the one that let me exchange my first pair of shoes after putting 3 weeks and 30 miles on them and lost the receipt). There is even a beginner group for the GR marathon/half marathon. Something like this certainly couldn't hurt me, but I'm too scared I think. Kind of like its only for real runners, not for shufflers like myself. It kicks off at the store on June 4th with a speaker. I'm thinking about going sock shopping that night, and then if I see even one other chubby girl (or guy....I'm open to anyone) that looks welcomed, then I'll just sign up at the store. I'll even have a month to get myself feeling more like a real runner. As in maybe I can run 5 miles without walking?!?! I just have visions of all the 100lb runners in their running bikinis on one side chatting and laughing and hugging and skipping, and then me on the other side.

I think I'm going to contradict myself with this next topic, but here it goes anyway. I really appreciate everyone giving my blog high fives for being able to run 2 miles straight. I know full well from reading everyone else's blogs that you are all well past me in terms of ability. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else was even able to run 2 miles on the first day (it took me 6 weeks). But I also know that everyone was as excited for me as I was. Its kind of like we have a little club simply to pat everyone else on the back. I guess I'm just trying to say that I appreciate every single one of you that leaves encouraging comments and that asks me how things are going and acts impressed. If I was doing this all alone in my own little world, I would have stopped 5 and a half weeks ago. As it is.......24 weeks to marathon!!!


Christina B said...

I say "DO IT!!" And I was thinking about doning that "I'm so down with my shuffle that no one can phase me!" attitude when you walked into the store, but then I read what you said about staking the place out for others...maybe go that route (at least that's probably what I would end up doing!!) Yay to sprinting up the drive to finish things off!!! Keep it up!

julie said...

I like your approach to that training group. Sounds like it could be great... or could totally suck.

I'm in your boat- I've always been too terrified to run with anyone else.

Remember that just getting there counts. If those groups are too fast for you, who cares. You'll be at the finish line too, and that's what matters.

Amy said...

I think what I might end up doing is still scope the group out, but not worry to much about it either way. I'll probably just continue to do my own thing this summer, and if the half or whole in October doesn't kill me, then use the training group for my next one. I think I would have a lot more confidence if I had a long race in my pocket already. This first one I just want to cross the finish line standing, the next ones I'll work on my times.

chris said...

I think you have a good plan; scope it out and get in if you feel comfortable. I seriously doubt that anyone will be hugging, skipping, and laughing. There might be some giggling but don't worry about that.

I, too, feel like we have a cool little club going on. I am always excited to see the next post and find out how far or well someone did.

Oh, before I forget, I was able to run about 10 minutes without stopping when I first started running. I am a 10 minute miler which might get laughed at in certain circles. It use to bother me that I was so slow. Now I don't care. I love running. I love the feeling it gives me. Just know that you are well on your way. One day we will all laugh, hug, and skip together!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. You have a great sense of humor. And, please know, I am not "acting" impressed, I really am about your progress. Everyone starts somewhere. By the way, even though I'm not from Michigan, I have family there, and that Gazelle Sports store totally rocks. I bought my first really GOOD pair of running shoes at their store in Kalamazoo.

Oh, and it might be good if you run with a group - I am going to start running with Team in Training. From what I understand, running with a group is definitely a way to improve more than you could on your own. You never know, you might like it! (I hope I will.)
I'll be reading your blog to see how it goes!

Holly said...

Okay, here is my .02:

Check it out! Believe me, I understand your apprehension, but the running community is highly supportive and encouraging of runners of ALL abilities. Trust me.
At least meet for a group run once or twice and see, then decide after a few runs. The support of a group makes a HUGE difference in your training.

Is there a USA Fit group in your area? Search online for other running groups too.

Go for it!

Suzy said...

Training groups are definitely where it's at. The one I belong to has so may different speeds, sizes, and abilities of people. Some get faster, some slower, some pregnant, some skinnier, some chubbier. But we all move forward together.

*jen* said...

I've been considering joining a group as well but anytime anyone is even NEAR me, I feel too distracted to run, so I am not sure how that would work out. But I've heard nothing but good things about running groups. I think there is a local group in the city I just moved to. Maybe I'll check it out and we can swap stories?! :)
Keep running, you are doing great!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Not sure if I'm violating blog etiquette by posting so late after a post. :)

I'm really inspired by how you've gutted it out and worked past what sounds like some nasty shin splits.

I'd do the training group. Or at least check it out. Even if they dust you on runs, it gives you a rabbit to chase if nothing else. If they have a beginners groupo, I suspect that the group membership will be more on our end of the scale than the 100 pounder end.

That being said, the running group at work, which has a number of multiple marathoner/ultra types, as well as some regular half marathon runners is super supportive. I'm the slow guy, and now the not so fat guy, but when I started I was 35 pounds heavier. The've all been great. Great advice, supportive, etc.

I'll finish working my way through your archive, but great job and keep it up!