Monday, June 2, 2008

3 miles - its mine now!

Ok, I FINALLY got over the worst and longest cold ever. I started perking up yesterday and woke up today feeling like a hundred bucks. I'm sure it didn't hurt me having today off. I had every intention of getting to the park around 9am, but handsome Steve showed up with 2 coffees after dropping Nathan at school. That gave me a pretty good excuse to just sit on the floor in front of the couch like I do and watch GMA. Of course, it also meant that I got to watch Steve look at me still sitting there at 8:30, in my robe, and ask with his hands in the air "aren't you going to work????" I think he thought I finally followed up on my threat to become a stay at home girlfriend :)

I ended up getting myself to the park at 1030. There were about 4 moms with their little kids, 2 older ladies with their dogs, and a very cranky, very stylish grandma that kept yelling at her frosting faced dog and little grand son. I did the main loop, easy and slow. I did the other loop, a bit faster and a bit less easy. At this point I had every intention of heading back to my car, but as I came back to the turn I decided to hit the main loop again.


Which is good, because I want to do 4 miles without walking on Saturday. I think the secret to this madness is goals. So I'll just keep making them. And hopefully meeting them also.

Sidenote. That 10k I mentioned. Its a 5k now. The reason? One of my most favorite, encouraging, and fabulous friends is going to run it with me. And I didn't want to get pushy and make her do the 10k. Mostly because I want to sneak in when she doesn't see me coming and talk her into doing working towards doing some long runs with me this summer. Plus she is possibly the most beautiful 4o-something (yeah, I said it) ever, so maybe people won't notice how goofy I look running. :)


Jillian said...

Woohoo!! You rock, sister! : ) And WHEN is this run off between you and Steve-O? And WHY didn't you do it while I was home!? : )

julie said...

yaaay! 3 miles! that's a great achievement.
don't get too hung up on running distance without stopping- 3's a good number. most coaches recommend doing some walking during the marathon or you'll burn out too fast. my plan was to walk past all the water stations. i ran with some folks who ran 3 min and walked 1 min the whole way, and ended up pacing out the same as me on race day. it still counts as long as you get there!

Amy said...

Steve's run of 30 minutes is on hold because he is going through one of his no sleep phases. He's up to 5 nights now, and I don't have the heart to make him do it. I'm thinking this weekend.

*jen* said...

Great job!! Keep it up! :)

swimbikerunnap said...

congrats on the 3 miler! you can definitely do 4 this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Amy, that's awesome. 3 miles is such a milestone. It will be amazing how fast or how easily you can add to them from here on out. I definitely find that setting goals is helpful too, and of course, signing up for races is a great way to motivate yourself.