Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trying to get a little faster.

Last night I got a little creative. For a mile and a half I would run at what I think was a ten minute pace for a little bit longer than I could comfortably sustain it, and then walk until I was recovered. I kept doing that until I felt like my running was starting to die down and then walked a half mile to finish up. I really like running faster. I feel like I’m picking my feet up a lot more, and its just more fun to be moving faster than walking. Wind in your face and all that. I know that it is going to be a very looonnnngggg time before I run at a 10 min pace all the time, but I would like to bring my regular pace down from the 14 minutes it is now to around 11-12. That seems like it would be a good time.

Tonight I'm going to run 3 miles, but I'm going to actually bring my timing watch with me so I can see how my miles look when I'm doing more than one. I'm not worried about my speed. Come on, I've even told you guys that I do 14 minute miles. I have no shame. But I would like to keep track of where I am, if for no other reason that to be able to celebrate when I get better.

Maybe I’m the only person that does this (maybe me saying that should be a good signal to just stop typing) but whenever I see someone running I always feel some kind of attachment to them. I think things like “that’s a good pace, I would like to do that” or “nice and sweaty, good job working hard” or “I wish I was running right now”. I’ve even been known to yell a “good job, good job” but only if they don’t have earphones in. I want to make sure they know I was giving the verbal high five and not calling them fat.
Also, when I see someone running at a nice slow pace, I want to stop my car and convince them to run with me sometime. The other night I passed an older lady doing the hills on the way to the park, and all I could think was “she looks like a good time, I could keep that pace up, I should stop” but that has to be a little freaky. Random girl stopping her car along side you running and trying to be friends. I’ll wait until I see someone at the park that runs nice and slow. That’s more approachable. If I can catch up :)


Jillian said...

I totally hear ya on feeling a kinship to random strangers..just because they're running. I'm the same way. I feel like tooting my horn or waving when I drive past someone running.

GB said...

same thoughts here, like I know exactly what the other person is going thru to be a runner.
Lets have a competition- who is slower? could beat u hands down- average speed per LSD is 15minmile.So there!!!:)

Karen said...

I hardly used to notice other I always see them and want to get their whole 'running story'.

If you're looking for someone in your area that might be at the same place you are, try or met a lady there who is my age and also just starting out. We're running a 5K together on Saturday just for the fun of it. I usually run with my husband. Running with someone really helps me.

You're doing GREAT!!! Don't you love making real progress like that?

Holly said...

I feel the same way when I see runners out and about. If I'm running too I try to say Morning or good job. Sometimes I honk at runners to give them support--at least that's what I mean by it. If it's been a while since a run and I see someone running I am so jealous.

There is NO shame in slow--at all. Slow is still MOVING and off the couch. :) Your pace will improve and you'll learn what feels right for you--don't push too fast too soon.

Tanushree Baruah said...

All runners unite!

I am at the 10 minute mark myself. But I am thinking of slowing down since my legs have been aching a lot recently.

Good luck with picking up your speed! Looking forward to hearing about your next run!

Suzy said...

Ahh ha ha ha! This post made me laugh. I am exactly the same way! When we drive past a runner, I have been known to exclaim, "look! a runner!" and crane my neck/body around 360 degrees to check out their posture, speed, style, outfit, etc etc etc I could go on and on. Ya I guess I'm a little more freaky than you. I want to stop them and say, "hey we have this great running group on Tuesday nights, you should come!" but I use self control, for once.

julie said...

you should read the stuff about the Penguins /Bingham's crew. you're not slow. not at all. trust me!

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing when I'm driving to work and see people jogging - I wonder how far they're going, did they just start, or are they almost done? I also see myself looking at roads differently - could I run up this hill? Would this be a good workout spot? So, no, you are not the only one, trust me!

Thank you for the inspiration you've just given me to try to run faster, too. I need to do more of that.

*jen* said...

Great entry! I totally agree. Judging from the comments here, maybe it wouldn't be so weird to strike up convo with a random fellow runner...hmm. :)

Anonymous said...

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