Thursday, June 12, 2008

$59 = great new toy!

So I’m always reading about Chris’ Nike+. He makes it sound so cool. And then my sister sent me a gift card to my running store for my birthday. Throw in my running store having ONE Nike+ Sportband in, and you’ve got one pumped up Amy!! I was so crazy excited, that I was in my car about 10 minutes after the mail brought my gc to my office. Unfortunately, they didn’t have in the pouch to attach the sensor to my shoes, but they can get one from their Kalamazoo store and it will be here today. Of course, I didn’t let a silly little thing like not having something to attach the sensor to my shoes stop me. Oh no. I am an instant gratification kind of girl. I put that little sucker under my laces, tied them up real tight and away I went. The only problem was that I was super worried that it would pop out. Add the fact that the shoe I tied so tight was the foot I broke twice in two weeks in 7th grade and was feeling some pain and also the fact that I wanted to get home so fast to plug it in to see how it worked, and you’ve got Amy only doing 2.03 miles. It is what it is.

And my two cents on my new toy?? Awesome! Dead on! Or as dead on as I need it to be. In my car, as soon as I pass a particular mailbox, the odometer shows 1 mile. On my feet last night, when I pass the same mailbox, the sportband said 1 mile. And I haven’t even calibrated it yet! So cool.

If you are like me and only want an idea of your pace and a close measure of your distance, this thing is a bargain. And I love that I don’t have to go to a website to log my runs, fill everything out and all the extra work. I just plug the little doo hicky in to my trusty old laptop and I’m done. Again….so cool!!!

Check out the comment from Megan in the last post (I'll add her blog to my roll soon). She already did what I'm trying to do!!!!! I feel newly invigorated :) Cheesy, I know.


julie said...

thanks for the review of that gizmo- i considered one but went with garmin cuz it has heart rate data. BUT since it's on my arm and i see it the whole time it makes me go too fast. sounds like i may have been better off with the sportband!

Jillian said...

Cool!!! Now I want one! : ) Glad it was right on even before calibrating..that's impressive! I hate hate hate logging in my miles (hence the reason my tracker says I haven't run yet this month/week..) so this is a must have for me too. Thanks for the review!!

chris said...

I am so happy you like it, Amy. I was worried your review would be something like "that Chris is a moron for recommending this thing". Make sure you sign up for the Nike+ Human Race 10K because now you are part of the club! Coach Kip likes to refer to it as a cult, but all the same.

Holly said...

I have not tried that gadget yet, but glad it's helpful for you.

Big hooray on breaking the 3 mile barrier. You go girl!!

Jenn said...

Enjoy the new toy and love the blog title . . . I fit that profile too!