Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still trucking along...

I’m really starting to lean towards the half in October, and then do the full in May next year. First of all, it seems the most intelligent decision. Second, what if I hate the marathon, and never want to do it again? I would like my possible one and only try to be at my favorite place. The Bayshore Marathon is in May, so I think I’ll train for that one. If I don’t keel over and die after the half. Jill and I decided to keep training for the 26.2, and then on August 1st we’ll decide which to sign up for. So we’ll see. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and support for both choices.

That being said, enough about my inability to make a decision simply. Last night I did 3 miles with my very own support group. Yup, I had no less than 10 mosquitoes on the back of my arms at any moment. Today I have the welts to prove it. I thought by taking the route that doesn’t go along the river I would be good. Silly me for thinking. I guess even at little Emma’s softball practice the kids were getting eating alive.

I haven’t mentioned our new virtual running group. If you need some teammates to cheer you on or call you out when you aren’t running, come on over to the dark side with us. We even get a discount at Running Warehouse because we are official.

Lastly, due to peer pressure, I’m doing the hundred pushup challenge. Yesterday was day one. Monday was supposed to be, but after my initial test on Sunday, there was no pushups to be had the next day. But last night I cranked them out like a champ. Day 1 of 18 down! Seriously, you can all bust out some pushups 3 days a week for 6 weeks. Get started!


julie said...

there's no way you won't love a marathon- that feeling you get at the finish line is AMAZING. do it!

chris said...

I for one agree with your decision to do the half. It seems like I have said that already...can't remember, too much blogging!

Congrats on the pushup challenge! Just did Week 1 Day 2 today. Loving it!

Ladyrunner said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while. I wanted to post when you said you were going to do the full, but you seemed to not what to hear about doing a half at the time.

After reading this post, I am relieved that you are considering a half after all.

I have done both, and I will say from personal experience, I am VERY glad that I did halves first. The full was great and all -- but doing a full really is much more than doing a half doubled. MUCH, MUCH more.

Whichever you decide, make sure it is YOUR decision and it's not based on pressure from anyone. After all -- they aren't the ones that have to run it. Sure they might be there next to you, but YOU have to move the 13.1 or 26.2 miles. They can't do it for you and they can't make you move.

K said...

Hi, Amy. I know I'm late to the party. I just found your blog from links on other running blogs . . .

I have run one half and I loved the distance. Like you, I'm unsure if I ever want to train for 4 (or more!) hours of running. Why not run a half as part of your training for the 26.2? It can be one of your long runs. It's a fun race distance and doesn't take too much out of you, so it shouldn't delay your training. Just an idea.