Thursday, April 10, 2008

Didn't quite run in the rain

I was pretty excited all day for my first run of the week tonight. Even with a walk the past two nights, things are still feeling better with my shin, so I was going to go for it. With Steve heading to McDonald's for a shake, I headed out in the drizzle for a short shuffle. Unfortunately, there is a woods that surrounds our house/yard completely. As soon as I made it to the road, I realized that the slight drizzle that I figured I could handle just fine, was actually coming down sideways. In sheets. And the sides of the road were flooded. So I turned my already soggy self around and hoped Steve got me a shake too. He did....Shamrock :)

Since I have almost nothing running related to say, or anything interesting in general, I'll ramble a little bit more.

If you haven't been to, you should check it out. I have a link with my links. Its not overly exciting, but it is a great place to track your runs. Its also where I got my little doo hickey to the right that lists my miles (I know, its been a sad week). It automatically updates on my blog when I enter a new run. Pretty cool, huh?

Another great new thing I've found is a new had soap from Softsoap. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, the stuff that is usually the cheapest of all the hand soaps at the grocery store. About $2. I think the new one is called Spa Wrap. Its purple and near the bottom refers to essential oils. Seriously, I'm a little embarrassed about getting excited about a hand soap, but it lathers so nice and when you rinse its like you put on a light coat of the nicest lotion. So great. I'm going to buy some for the bathroom at work, hopefully nobody nicks it, but I won't blame them if they do. This stuff is crazy good. Go buy some.


julie said...

really, you turned around? i love running in the rain! it feels great.

Amy said...

I know! it wasn't the rain that turned me around, it was the tornado watch winds making the rain come down like sideways nails!! I still feel like a baby, though. But here I am, on a rest day, a Friday night, suiting up to hit the trail. and then I'm going to go fill up the air tank to fill Steve's bike tires, so that he has to go on my long run tomorrow :)