Saturday, April 12, 2008

I ran like a champ today!!!

So I ran in the rain today. It was fun :) I also happened to run 3x further than I've run before without taking a walk break!!! We don't need to actually discuss how far that distance was before and what it is now, no need for embarrassment, but today was a HUGE improvement. The only thing that kept me running, was knowing that as soon as I stopped to walk for the first time, that my shins would be hurting. It was simply a matter of the exhaustion hurting less than I knew my shins would.

As soon as I passed the creepy blue house with the dogs that try to eat me, I knew I was doing good. As soon as I passed the street corner, I had the goofiest smile plastered on my face. This time, I was what was looking creepy on my street :)

Last night my short run went so horribly, I'm really happy I even headed out today. I think my main problem last night was my body fighting off Steve's cold. The first half was ok, but on my way back body aches were sinking in. With my back, and skin, shins and everything else hurting, I hobbled and cried the entire way back. The way back took me 3x as long as the first half. It wasn't pretty. Luckily it was dark. I would have been so embarrassed if people could see me and every car that passed me had to stop to see if I was going to die. Actually, it would have only been one car, I would have had them take me home.

Luckily, I think I must have finished fighting off his cold, because other that my right tonsil being the size of a cantaloupe, I'm feeling good.


julie said...

yaaaaay! way to go farther! and don't be embarrassed- post up that distance and be proud! you'll especially appreciate it when you're looking back from 20 mi and you say to yourself, "remember how great i felt about X miles? and now i'm doing 20!"

*jen* said...

Congrats on your distance!! That's a pretty great feeling when you push yourself and go farther than you thought you could go. Also, mad props to your immune system for fighting the cold off. :)