Monday, April 21, 2008

Halfday of work, beautiful weather....what are the odds?

We are still a one car family until Wednesday, so with Steve having meetings today and needing to go to the office, he had to drop me off at work. I went to the front door of my building, and it was locked. Kind of weird, but whatever, I luckily had my keys with me. When I came in the main lobby, there was an alarm going off and I was a little bit worried that maybe I set it off when I came in the main door. I hit the elevator button, but when it opened, the lights were off. I'm not so much someone that is going to go up to the 5th floor in a dark elevator with a mystery alarm going off, alone. I strolled out to the alley to see if Mark was coming up yet, sure enough....that boy is nothing if not reliable. We decided we were brave enough to ride up a dark elevator together, luckily things went well. Unfortunately, it took the power company until 11am to decide to tell us that the power was going to be off all day on our couple blocks. Good times!!

At least I had most of a day at home in the peace and quiet. (for anyone remembering that I didn't have a car and that Steve was in a meeting....Nick, an attorney in my office, carted my tookus home). I had a very nice time sitting out in the back yard with my book. It was so warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. Perfect. I can't wait until our trees fill out and our yard to be surrounded by all of the thick trees.

While I was sitting there, enjoying the weather, I really started to want to hit the trail. It was a rest day, but since yesterday was my walk day and that didn't happen, I decided a quick mile and a half would be fine. Unfortunately, I was not aware that at 4pm the real runners of the area own my trail. I'm not kidding you, I bet I was passed by at least 30+ runners. A couple singles, and a few groups of 5-7. And of course the groups were all tall, blond, thin girls running in bikinis. Oooook. So maybe not bikinis. But sports bras and super short shorts are close enough. I don't know who else in Michigan is that golden tanned right now, but I suppose running down the road practically nude will do that to you. I shortened my quick outing to a mile and got myself home. I'm typically pretty confident in knowing that it is my trail as much as anyone elses, but I'm going to let them have the late afternoon/early evening all to themselves. I'll stick to my 7/8 pm ish. Silly me for trying to fix what isn't broken!


*jen* said...

Those damn bikini runners. I saw more than my fair share of those at Florida State...eck! Trail running sounds fun. I hope to find some cool trails when I move in a week.

julie said...

don't let those California Girls get to you. Every time someone passes me, i just think to myself, "good for you, fast person, but I'm running a MARATHON."
ps- check out the Magnetic Fields song, "I hate California Girls."

chris said...

My buddy, Coach Kip, tells me that running with others is the quickest way to get better/stronger/faster. Unfortunately, I don't run with anyone and really don't know anyone (that lives around me) that runs. I say start going out there more. Maybe you will get to know some of them. besides, that is your trail just as much as it is theirs!

Now for my sexist comment of the day: can you get some pictures of the bikini runners, please?

I apologize to all the women of the world for that incredibly rude and insensitive comment.

Amy said...

There are actually a few regulars that run alone that I wouldn't mind running with sometime. A few that aren't too much faster than I am, that would probably do me good to run with. The bikini girls are part of a team I think. There is also a team of bare chested, small shorts wearing guys too. I might run behind them. That could be fun :)

I'll work on that picture ;)

Jillian said...
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chris said...

Run behind those guys! Could be good motivation to go a little faster, although you might loss your concentration!