Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Shoes!!

I decided since I am taking this marathon thing as serious as can be, my 3 year old sassy, purple, running shoes that I bought at a dept store on sale, weren't going to cut it. I've read a ton of websites about running (because why start the training when you can just read about it) but have yet to find one that mentions the color of your shoes being an important factor in long distance running.

After about a week of braving myself up to have a shoe person tell me to trot around the running shoe store with my wobbly bits wobbling, shopping I went. Andrew, the guy that helped me with my shoes, was very informative. I did get the sense that he was just doing his job, though. I rolled up my jeans to show my unshaven legs, and trotted bare socked around the store, and bought the shoes he told me I needed. Brooks Addiction 7. Thank heavens, at least they are purple!!

Today was my first day with my new shoes and I really struggled. What really sucked about that was the night before my fiance' came home with a six pack of Amstel Light (my favorite, instead of his preferred Miller Lite) and I didn't drink a single one, because I didn't want to feel in the next morning on my 3 miles. As I was shuffling along, I'm sure resembling a drowning, seizure sufferer, all I could think was "I should have had the beers, should have had the beers". I'm not sure if the new shoes are wrong for me, or if i just am not used to running on the part of my foot that I am supposed to. Since I know I can bring them back in a few weeks if I don't like them, I'm going to keep working with them


*jen* said...

Hi Amy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I finished reading the Non-Runner's Marathon Guide last week. I could NOT put it down!
That is fantastic that you and your sister are training together. I hope to find some running buddies soon. I hope your new shoes work out. :)

Jillian said...

The transition to my new shoes has been ugly as well. At least we know we can return them if we need to. I think our feet just need to adjust to actually being supported unlike what our old clearance sale shoes were doing. I'll get my blog set up this week...yeah! : )