Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NRR - but still amazing!

Today is the day I found the best blog out there. I don't know how I found it exactly, I think it may have been mentioned somewhere on Yahoo today. It doesn't matter, when you find perfection, you usually stumbled upon it.

This lady critiques Brian Williams tie choice daily and the way she describes them is amazing - but I'm sure she would have had a better word than amazing. Not to take anything away from her, but she is an English teacher, for crying out loud.

How does she do it?

I'm not willing to leave my friend Charlie Gibson. I just love the way he says "and I hope you had a good day." I really think he means it from his heart. But I am willing to flip over to Brian just to check out his tie so that I can better appreciate Nancy's delightful offerings.


Nance said...

Thanks for the flattering words about my blog. You know, you're welcome anytime over at The Report. I'd love to hear your reviews of Brian's latest selections.

Mohammad Yousuf Mulaifi said...

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