Saturday, August 23, 2008


When I started running in March, I was obsessed with all things running. I blogged about it, I read countless other running blogs, discussions, books, magazines, you name it. I never found it boring, it never got old. And while I still love running, I think I overloaded on the extras. Throw in 3 weeks that went from hurt foot to sinus infections and strep throat to a hurt neck that wouldn't even let me comfortably walk, and I got a little depressed.

Right now the most important thing is to get back into my running routine. No more of the one or two mile jogs just to say I got out there.

The half marathon is in 8 weeks and as long as I start buckling down now, I should be able to enjoy the race. That is really my biggest goal. I want to have a good time and get a taste of what the marathon is going to be like.

I'm not beating myself up about falling off the wagon, for the most part it couldn't be avoided. But my foot doesn't snap and crackle anymore, I can breathe again, and no more piercing pain shooting from me neck, so its back to the trail. Stay tuned until tomorrow when I promise there will be a run report for run 1 of my homemade 8 week half marathon training plan.

WOO! Time to shuffle!! Cause that's what I do!!

Non running related side note: I'm gonna get hitched one year from yesterday. The venue I wanted can't be booked more than 365 days in advance and for summer Saturdays, it gets booked that first day you can. At least it made finally setting a date easy . Essentially, if I wanted to get married next summer, I had to buckle down and get it done.


Karen said...


Glad you're feeling better and back to training.

Jillian said...

I'm right there with you! We can get back it together.

Yay for the park! : ) It's going to be so beautiful and perfect! I'm glad one of us is getting married there...when we were growing up I already had the whole thing planned out for it being there. Love it!

Terri said...

Wow that looks beautiful. I'm sure you will be gorgeous on your wedding day. Congrats on getting the date you wanted. (I also had an outside wedding and never regretted it.)